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Aviva Community Crowdfunder closes

A big thank you to everyone involved and those who donated. On 16th December 2020 we successfully raised £2,464 with 25 supporters in 36 days.

A few comments from some of our supporters

West Bodley Farm Fudge 13th December 2020

huge thank you to everyone who has bought sticky sugary crunchy fudge to support the Parracombe Community Store & Cafe. xxx

Nick Edgington 9th December 2020

Look forward to my first coffee there. Great work Dave et al.

Billie Padley 7th December 2020

Good luck 😊 Hope to see you all when this epidemic allows us to visit Dad.

Gavin Hales 4th December 2020

Helping the local community look after itself more and bring it closer together is a great idea. Good luck.

Bruce Aiken 1st December 2020

Pour me a cup of coffee with cream when you open.

Michael Alexander Harrison 30th November 2020

Many thanks to Steve Pugsley, owner of Ardosia Slate, for this donation

West Bodley Farm Fudge 30th November 2020

thank you to everyone who bought WBF Fudge this weekend to support the development of the village community shop & cafe.

Karen Farrington 28th November 2020

Every little helps – Parracombe’s Pavilion Stores and Cafe is going to brighten up 2021 no question! Good luck team.

Alan Briggs 19th November 2020

Great initiative – good luck! Look forward to the opening.

Lucy Tansley 18th November 2020

Save me a cream tea!!

Carmel Morgan 18th November 2020

Jo Harrison we are having cake next summer

Richard Stoodley 10th November 2020

We hope to be moving into the village soon & want to donate towards this fantastic scheme.

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