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Pavilion Stores share offer re-opens

Today, 16 April 2021 the board of Parracombe Community Trust has, for a limited period, re-opened the Pavilion Stores and Café community share offer. The offer was originally launched on 17 August 2020 with the aim of raising £144,700 for the project by 19 October 2020.  At its close, the total invested by our community and the Community Shares Booster Programme was £125,290.

Why is the share offer re-opening?

Since the offer closed the Trust has received enquiries as to whether further investment is possible. These have come both from residents who have recently moved into the village and others who were not in a position to invest last year. The terms of the offer allow us to re-open it provided further investments don’t exceed the £144,700 stated in our original business plan. This means we can now raise an additional £19,410 by issuing more community shares.

Booster Programme confirms further investment.

Before reopening the offer the board approached the Booster Programme to enquire if they would match any further investments. We are happy to announce that the Programme will match investments from the community up to our stated maximum.

What are the terms of the offer?

Other than the opening and closing dates, the terms of the share offer launched in August last year remain the same. The offer is open from Friday 19th April 2021 until midnight on Monday 3rd May 2021.

How do I apply?

The offer document, business plan and share offer application forms can be found at Share Offer – Parracombe Community Stores.