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Whilst we always have a good selection of stock, if there is anything that you specifically want, we are very happy to order items for you.  


We have a fresh meat delivery from John May Butchers in South Moulton each Friday morning.  We normally have sausages, mince and chicken as well as cooked meats such as sliced ham and beef.  We can, however, order anything you need.  Please place your order by 10am on a Thursday for delivery on Friday morning.  

From time to time we also have fresh pork, lamb and beef from Alex and Anne May’s farm at Slattenslade ( and also beef from West Ilkerton ( Please check our news pages for details of the next delivery.  


We have sliced granary and white bread in stock each day as well as a good selection of part baked breads and rolls, hamburger buns and naan. We have fresh sourdough from Lunch Bakes every Thursday.  If you would like to reserve a loaf (or loaves), please let us know by 10am on Tuesday morning. 

Fruit and Vegetables

We have deliveries of fruit and vegetables almost every day but are very happy to order anything you need.  Please let us know by 1pm on the day before you would like your items.  


Our cakes and pasties come from Out Over Catering ( as well as some baked in house.  We sell small size fresh cakes but we are always happy to order large size whole cakes. Please let us know by 12 noon on a Tuesday for Thursday afternoon delivery.